Problems solved – and why good partnering is key.

We are all aware of the problems that arise during the construction process.  Whether they come from the client, Building Control or the design itself, how they are handled will determine the ultimate success of the project.

Understanding the planning system

Securing planning permission is never easy. Success is about not being fearful of Planning Departments. We have assisted designers achieve successful planning applications including dealing with such demanding bodies as English Heritage.

Helping securing those permissions by resourcing materials is a fundamental part of our service. It is something we assume to be our responsibility.

Understanding Building Control

Having a good understanding of current regulations and a positive attitude, we are able to overcome all the problems that can occur during the construction process.

Whether it be in the ground, performance specification anomalies or material shortages that require alternative resourcing, our experience is welcomed and acknowledged.

Project Management

We provide intelligent leadership to ensure that a project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

Let’s be honest, dealing with builders isn’t the easiest of things

For private, individuals clients, it can be little short of a nightmare.

We hold regular discussions and negotiate closely with the architect to ensure a smooth pathway during the construction phases.

We recognise the importance of understanding the concepts and are not afraid to ask for help if we do not get it first time.

A clear cut understanding of financial systems

Nothing is guaranteed to spoil a project more than the subject of money.

At any given point in the development of a project our clients always know exactly what the financial situation is.

Whenever any amendment or change to the original briefing specification is required and agreed with the client, we will always look to value engineer without compromising the design.

With so many complexities, every project is vulnerable to problems and it is how we overcome the difficulties as they arise that define our characters.

Partnering with Parker SW Ltd,
a skilled and knowledgeable contractor, insures
these challenges are met.