Environmental Policies

The importance of environmental policies

Arguably, consideration  toward our environment can be easy not to deal with; or even easier to just ‘leave to someone else!’ However, when we bother to look up, we can see a beautiful but fragile planet which will not last if we continue to waste material or pollute the atmosphere with contempt.

So what are we doing that’s different? 

As a result of our traditional building methods and techniques, we use little or no building chemicals and adhesives during our construction phases. We use natural lime which does not need processing in the same way as cement. Lime mortar allows the material to which it is adhering (bricks and stone) to be reused in years to come.

That leads us to recycle and upcycle our materials at every available opportunity; we clean the bricks and stone ready for re-use. We use green products from our vast supply chain as often as is possible and we separate all our waste ready for recycling, it’s not just skipped away into landfill. Education, thought training and membership of the Green Shop is key to keeping up with new renewable technologies.

We respect the neighbourhood we are working in. We communicate our plans, especially noise pollution and vehicle obstruction, so as to cause as little disruption as is humanly possible.

We care about our impact on the environment and we’re passionate about our service to you.

Alex Parker